CITY GENERAL is the exclusive representative of Wooden House Bel – the largest company in Belarus, producing wooden eco-houses made of northern white pine. Together we create beautiful, functional and ecological wooden homes – with care for nature and people. We manage the entire production cycle of making the eco-houses – construction, delivery, installation and finishing works.














Our latest completed project are three ecological wooden houses located at an arm’s length from the outdoor pool of Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel in the Banya village. Each of the houses has an area of ​​133 m² and has a spacious kitchen, living room, dining room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


They are designed to let in as much sunlight as possible, using French-style sliding windows. In these houses one can live in a modern, environmentally friendly and energy efficient atmosphere.

The company manages the entire production cycle for the construction of the 100% wooden eco-houses. We use “solid beam” in the process, which is a laminated natural wood. This beam has significantly better structural properties than solid wood.

It does not crack;

It is moisture resistant;

It is fire resistant;

 It retains its structural integrity;

 It is many times more durable than ordinary wood.

The process of creating each eco-house begins at the forestry, where specialists select the best pine trees suited for construction purpose. In the workshop, with the aid of high-performance modern equipment, the material is cut to the required dimensions. After selecting and cutting the wood, the beams are placed in special drying chambers, where within 14 days the moisture content of the wood is reduced to 12% (+/- 2%).

The German 12-meter presses, with a pressure of 18 kg / cm², are specially designed for the production of load-bearing structures and allow a first-class house to be built using the ecological Kleiberit adhesive.

The “warm wall element” technology is a highly effective method used in the construction of wooden houses that has been specially developed by the engineers of Wooden House Bel. The wooden elements are designed with special cavities, which are filled with mineral wool.


High energy efficiency, which reduces electricity costs by up to 60%.

Relatively light construction, which speeds up the time for construction and installation of the eco-houses.

The houses built with this technology have extremely high anti-earthquake parameters due to the method of construction, flexible connections and elasticity, combined with exceptional strength. That is why our houses survive even the strongest of earthquakes.

The 100% ecological wooden houses can have different sizes ranging from 50 m² to + ∞ m² on one, two or three floors, depending on the client’s wishes. In addition to existing designs, the company’s architects can design houses according to custom projects.


Driven by the desire to create energy efficient, beautiful and functional homes by a conventional construction company, in 2019 we focused our attention, resources and efforts on innovative technologies in the field of all-wood houses.

One of the most important advantages of eco-houses is their construction speed. For example, a 140m² modular house can be built in a few days because the majority of the construction work of the house has already been completed in the factory.

The highest quality wood, modern high-tech equipment, high-quality paints, varnishes and protective coatings, qualified staff and strict quality control at all stages of production are a guarantee of success.